Whimsical Evening at the Woodrow House

Members of the Champion Historical Society were enchanted and educated on “whimsies” by Mrs. Ann Sererak. Whimsies are unlike any other collectible glass items now made in production lines. Each whimsie is unique and one of a kind. They are hand blown glass pieces and now quite collectible. Mrs. Sererak has been collecting over 25 years and has won numerous awards for her wonderful collection and displays. Much like her whimsies, Mrs. Sererak, a very warm and unique lady, charmed the standing-room-only crowd with her knowledge and expertise on whimsies. Everyone thoroughly enjoy her wonderful presentation and collection. Cathy Poponak and Dr. Gilda Stigliano were in charge of the program and the delicious refreshments. All in attendance enjoyed the informative presentation and refreshments. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

Mr. Troy Hutchins, chairman of the fundraising committee, presented our first fundraising project, limited edition mugs that feature the Shafer Rd. schoolhouse. Two different styles of mugs will be offered for sale and both feature a sketch of the original schoolhouse. The schoolhouse, one of Champion’s historical crown jewels, was moved from Shafer Rd. by the Champion Lions Club in 1976 and lovingly restored by volunteers. It is near the administration building. We are one of the few townships to be fortunate enough to have a historic one room school house structure. A portion of the proceeds may be used to help in maintaining this building. More information and order forms will be posted soon.  Special thanks go to Troy and the committee for designing and presenting a first class limited edition, collectible mugs.

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